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Personal Finance Apps to Try
March 8th, 2022

Apps, Apps, Apps, there is an app for everything out there. Games, movies, order groceries, get a ride, buy a car, you can do basically anything with an app and there are SO many of them! With so many different kinds of apps it can be easy to group them all into the category of useless, time wasters. There are definitely time wasters out there, but today we are going to talk instead about some useful apps, in this case apps that help you manage or improve your finances because who couldn’t use some help there?!


First, there is an app for helping you manage your budget! Now there are many different apps that can help you balance your budget and we will preview a couple of them for today, but we are going to get started with TrueBill! Truebill is one of my favorites, I use this one myself! Some of the great benefits of TrueBill are:

  • Tracks all recurring expenses! Gone are the days of subscriptions carrying on because you forgot about them! 
  • It’ll also track your expenses by category. It is really easy to spend without realizing where you’re spending it, but if you use this app (or one like it) you can see where you’re spending it which will allow you to make adjustments where it’s needed!
  • Create Budgets! Budgeting can be difficult but with this app tracking spending you can make adjustments and set new budgets for different categories. The app will track your progress to your budget, and help keep you on track!
  • They also have the added benefit of being able to cancel your subscriptions for you! No more annoying calls where you get transferred around, wait on hold, and get pitched a million times!

Help You Save Everyday

Next up for a great app that can help you save money! You can use an app called Acorns which is an app that rounds up all of your charges, and then automatically invests that money for you! This is a great, easy, no brainer way to save money without even noticing! 

The next app that can help you save money with everyday purchases is GetUpside. GetUpside is an app that allows you to check in when you go to a gas station, and save a certain amount per gallon at each gas station! The money you save gets stored on your account and can be redeemed for all sorts of different gift cards! Free money just for pumping gas you were going to pay for anyway! 

These are just a few of the apps that can help you save and manage your money better! I hope this helps you!

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