Welcome Back! In this post we are going to talk about the Future of X and what that might look like! If you haven’t seen it, go back and check out our last post! In our last blog we cover what X has done since Elon Musk purchased Twitter!

WeChat vs X

One of the things that Elon has repeatedly discussed is his desire to create an app in America that rivals the usefulness of “WeChat”! WeChat is a fundamental app everyone uses in China. WeChat is an app that includes social media, messaging, voice calls, video, payments, gaming, news, and even booking transportation. Currently in order to rival that app you have to have: X, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, Venmo, Uber, and MORE! Elon’s goal is to make it so all you need is X for all of these things.

WeChat currently has over 1.2 BILLION users! For comparison, X/Twitter currently has approximately 450 million active users. If Elon can successfully bring these other features to X, he can bring in the 74% of adults in the United States that use payment apps. There are some very big opportunities to a platform that can bring all of the features together! 

What’s Next?

Now let’s play the game of speculation! Where does Elon take X from here? He has added long form video, subscriptions, improved the user experience, eliminated many bots, drastically improved Freedom of Speech on the platform, and most recently he added the ability for influencers to make money from ad revenue. Where does it go from here?

Long Form Videos/Programming

I think next he will look to bring more regular programming to X. Tucker Carlson has brought Tucker on Twitter to the platform! You’ve started to see podcasts on Twitter, and many political candidates have started to use X to spread awareness. I think the next steps are going to be live sports, live news, more podcasts, and a combination of spaces + video to create an engaging show!


Payments are going to be a crucial part of bringing new users to the platform! I believe that is coming up quickly on his development schedule. The ability to easily, quickly, and efficiently send money around the world will be extremely beneficial and will rapidly expand the user base of X. By adding payments to X, you essentially make it a shop as well! Artists, creators, and other entrepreneurs will be able to advertise their services on X with direct payment options! 

Artificial Intelligence

How about X – AI? That seems very futuristic to type! I think that this could be the biggest needle mover for Elon. AI is all of the hype right now there is Bard, ChatGPT, Amazon, NVIDIA is involved and it’s only growing! The difference between all of these brands and X is simple, X has X! Twitter has long been the platform with the most engagement and activity, it also has TONS of information and data on human communication. X- AI will allow Elon to scrape all of the information, all of the posts, and aggregate the data to provide X AI with the most intuitive, well informed database in the world. That kind of database will allow X to update real time, and provide the best AI system in the world!

All in all, there is so much potential with X! Elon Musk is one of the most ingenious, hard working people on the planet. Between Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company, and now X, he wants to continue to push humanity forward and I believe that X will end up being the most impactful of them all. I’m excited to see where X goes, and what Elon does next, what do you think will come next for X?