About Talk More Wireless
Doing What It Takes to be the BEST!
America’s #1 Metro by T-Mobile Retailer
Everything we do is driven by that mantra! And while being the best takes hard work, focus and commitment, our team is up to the challenge.

TMW is an incredible group of mobile experts, senior sales associates, store managers, area managers, district managers, RSMs, QCs, trainers and experienced, talented executives.
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We’ve been a Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) retail partner since the 2002 launch of the prepaid mobile brand in its first market, Miami
Since then, we’ve expanded to become a highly respected, award-winning corporate retail partner with more than 160+ locations in 17 states and growing.

Now we’re leading the way as America’s #1 Metro by T-Mobile retailer as we continue to elevate the brand and grow the business, one satisfied customer at a time.  
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How did we do it?
First, we pioneered our signature EPM (Ever Present Management) platform that’s launching retail execution into the future.  This best-in-class system allows our teams to be everywhere, all the time, driving maximum high-octane performance.

Second, we foster a connected social culture, where we recognize each other for our efforts and encourage our teammates to be their best selves every day. Every one of us has an opportunity to shine, advance and succeed. Expect more, deliver more, achieve more, earn more – and win more.

At Talk More, we never stop working to be the best!
And we never stop growing either...
We’re on track to be 250+ locations strong in the next 12 months
which means our store associates have a huge advantage for career and personal development with our winning team.  We’re a fast-growing, exciting, fun company to work for, with exceptional commission plans, bonuses, competitive pay, team environment, transparency and tons of growth opportunities! 
Sounds like a place you want to be a part of?
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Here’s Why We’re Different
The difference at Talk More Wireless is simple: we are obsessed with winning!
Winning takes work, winning takes resources, winning takes culture, most of all winning takes the right people. We win because we do all we can to provide a great culture for our employees.

We know a great employee culture leads to an outstanding customer experience, and an outstanding customer experience leads to a successful business in the community!

Our culture is about clear goals, transparency, open communication, relentless effort each and every day – and making sure we enjoy what we do! We want our employees to look forward to coming to work, the way we look forward to providing them an environment to succeed in.
We deploy our proprietary EPM (Ever Present Management) services to support that winning environment.
We’ve always got your back, with a team communications app and video cameras at every store. This EPM system allows us to provide employees with the best possible coaching, in-depth reporting, video calls, online training, and an entire corporate organization dedicated to supporting our field team at all times!
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