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May Shining Stars!
June 13th, 2022

There isn’t a more exciting part of our leadership calls than once a month when we get to announce our shining stars from the previous month! We are excited to announce our May Shining Stars, the employees that were absolute superstars throughout the month! May was about Pursuing Mastery, and that is what these employees embodied throughout the month! 

First, we have our Mobile Expert of the Month…We are so excited to congratulate Marlene Jaquez! Marlene is an excellent mobile expert with our Baton Rouge team and has been a great part of that team for just OVER 4 YEARS!!!!! She crushed it in May in box sales, attachment rate, conversion, and she jumped in on Home Internet as well! Great job, and keep up the incredible work Marlene! THANK YOU!!!!

Next up… We have our store manager of the month from Madison, AL, Charles Pierson!! Charles has been on the Talk More team for just over a year and a half! He led his team to a great month in May with a great attachment rate, excellent conversion rate, and some excellent work on BTS sales! THANK YOU CHARLES!!

Now we have our Retail Sales Manager of the month… We just acquired this store in April, but Emily Ferreiro, our Retail Sales Manager of the month has been a superstar since joining the team last September! As soon as we acquired this store, Emily took over, started running, and hasn’t stopped since! She has done an incredible job leading the store to great success, and we couldn’t be happier, and want to give Emily a huge THANK YOU for her excellent work!!!! 

Onto our Store TEAM of the month… it is a fitting winner as it ties right along with our Retail Sales Manager of the month… THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS to the Khrome Miami store 0997!!! Thank you Ariam, Barbara, Cesar, Edgar, Emily, Liliana, and Yenifer for your relentless effort, and your commitment to pursue mastery! Keep up the great work, and continue leading the way in boxes, accessories, and everything else across the board! Thank you!

Last, but most certainly not least we have our District Manager of the month…. Thank you and congratulations PEDRO SICILIA!!!! You exemplified #RelentlessEffort, you demonstrated what it meant to #PursueMastery, and we know you are committed to #OwnTheNumbers! Pedro has been on the Talk More team since September 21’ and we can’t thank him enough for all he has done! He led his team to an excellent month, THANK YOU!!!

We love getting to recognize our shining stars, and I just want to give a big THANK YOU to each of them! In addition, I want to also thank all of our employees for a great month, everyone did an exceptional job stepping up and committing to #PursueMastery last month! Thank you all for everything that you do! Let’s have an incredible June!

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