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We Won’t Stop!
September 24th, 2021

We aren’t slowing down and we definitely aren’t stopping! We are on a mission to be #1, we are on a mission to grow, we are on a mission and we won’t stop! We are all in!

Most recently we are growing our footprint in New England with 5 doors in the Boston area! We now have doors in: Dedham, Weymouth, Randolph, Rockland, and Brockton! We are so excited to add to our footprint in the New England area! We acquired New England Cellular and with that acquisition we have also grown the Talk More Family to include even more great employees! We really can’t thank the amazing team that traveled to New England to help these stores get started, all the work that everyone put in behind the scenes, and all the great employees that have done such a great job since starting! Thank you!

This makes 42 acquired stores in the last 4 months! We have been on an exciting run acquiring companies, growing our store count, and growing the TMW family! We are so excited about the mission we are on to continue our growth, continue to have more and more success, and ultimately continue our relentless mission to be #1!

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