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Expect More Business Card App!
June 21st, 2021

Do you think Business cards are still necessary? If you asked a handful of people, you would probably get split responses. Sure, they can be handy in certain circumstances, but a lot of the time they can end up wrinkled, worn down, or just plain lost! How about another question, do you think it is important to stay in touch with customers? If you asked a handful of people, you would get a yes across the board! Of course we need to stay in touch with our customers, we need to give them a way to know what is happening, and also we need to be able to say #ThankYou in different ways! 

We are happy to announce the new Expect More app! It is a progressive web app or PWA, which basically functions the same as a native app, but with increased flexibility for editing the app, simpler roll out, etc. Our employees will be able to have our customers scan a QR code to download the app. Inside of the app our customer will first and foremost see that employee’s virtual business card, complete with their name, store address, and store phone number. The customers will even be able to get directions directly from the app and see other nearby stores! We will also be able to post coupons, offers, and different promotions to the app for our customers to enjoy! 

This is a great referral tool because not only can our employees share the app with customers, but our customers can refer their friends and family to our store by sharing the app! They can even recommend the exact person they worked with through the app! This is one of many ways we are continuing to #Elevate in 2021! Coming off of #JustAsk month in April we know our teams will be incredibly excited and successful in sharing this great app with all of our amazing loyal customers! #ExpectMore #AchieveMore #TalkMore

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